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Would you like to ensure that the processes in your print plant are carried out optimally? We can support you here. Through convincing concepts, but above by providing best practices hands-on . For example, for improving cooperation between departments.  Just one of many suggestions: Since production is only efficient when mailroom and printing shop interact optimally and are coherently equipped, merging them into one unit can lead to significant improvements.

Assessments and Reports

Do you have to resolve a dispute? As neutral experts, we have made a valuable contribution towards solving a large number of cases and disputes – on behalf of system and printing press manufacturers, of numerous users and sometimes also on behalf of both parties. The bandwidth of cases solved by us ranges from the functional assessment of software and production facilities to analysing damage, which occurred during a production shift. We also perform quality assessment of product samples.



Do you have to take far-reaching investment and technology decisions? We can determine options for you and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and risks in terms of cost, quality, flexibility etc. From an equipment retrofit, investment in new machinery such as CTPs, rotary presses and finishing lines to planning and approval of the entire printing plant, we can offer you our many years of experience. So that you can make the best possible decision.

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Are you pondering about how to assure sustainability of your production? Perhaps as an independent profit centre, in cooperation with a competitor or as an independent company? To work out a long-term production strategy – be it an optimising, re-sourcing or entrepreneurship strategy – we can help you to analyse your options and take account of new challenges and important success factors.



Would you like support in designing your print contracts or in the acceptance of a new press? Are you looking for a trainer, arbitrator or interim manager specialising in newspaper production? Then we are the right people to help you. Benefit from our many years of experience and simply contact us to discuss your topic. Our in-depth experience in all aspects of newspaper production makes us the ideal sparring partner for you.

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Are you aiming to achieve the best possible quality? Our expert has been working on quality projects on behalf of WAN-IFRA for over 10 years now. He focuses not on achieving singular top quality, but on designing the production process as lean and customer-oriented as possible, at the same time assuring an enduring quality level. This enables you to achieve top quality with a minimum of cost and effort, using IFRA and ISO quality specifications and profiles.

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