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Besides our five main service areas, "Optimising quality", "Improving processes", "Developing new production strategies", "Planning investments" and "Assessments and reports", you can find further areas here where we would be pleased to support you.

Further Services

Other support


You can also benefit from our experience in the following areas:

  • Developing, designing and implementing special hard- and software solutions (cylinder exchange, conveyor retrofit, drive control replacement, ...)

  • Technical Due Diligence

  • Initiating and designing cooperation agreements

  • Seeking, examining, transporting and installing used printing presses

  • Finding service providers

  • Interim management

  • Finding new staff

Training and coaching


Do your staff members need training courses, e.g. in the fields of image processing with Adobe Photoshop or press adjustment? We should be pleased to devise an individual program for you and organise your further training courses either in-house or externally. Our advisers as well as specialists from our network can cover most of the subject areas. In addition we can cooperate with other trainers who you have selected in order to find the ideal solution for you.

Further processes


The adaptation of special solutions and special processes from other areas of industry also has potential for the production of daily newspapers. Here is a selection of topics:

  • Digital printing, when the application in question offers a realistic basis

  • Conceptual design and choice of machines for a lettershop

  • Hybrid printing, that is, the combination of digital and offset printing

  • Imprinting units, e.g. for digital printing or varnishing

Training Coaching Druckerei
Digitaldruck, Hybriddruck, Lettershop
Koopereationen, gebrauchte Maschinen, Dienstleister, Mitarbeiter Druckerei
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