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In the past few years our expert, as a neutral specialist, has frequently drawn up damage assessments on behalf of WAN-IFRA. In the production sector, he assessed various old systems and problematic cases. For years now, however, he has also been examining the quality and performance of new systems. And experience has frequently shown that even new systems are by no means free of faults.

Assessments and Reports



There is a wide spectrum of possible technical problems. These range from faulty prepress systems through CTPs with light penetration from outside, corrosion damage and vibration problems in the printing press to incorrectly installed mailroom systems. Most technical causes can be unequivocally identified and assigned directly to the party responsible. In almost all cases, the parties can agree and regulate the damage by common consent as soon as the report has been submitted. However, a few cases are dealt with in court. For these cases, we have a network of specialists, including judicially appointed and sworn experts.



We act as neutral experts for you, for example:

  • assessment of the functionality of individual aggregates or entire systems (CTP, rotary press, mailroom lines)

  • test and assessment of coldset newspaper pressesacceptance

  • tests for newspaper rotary presses

We perform quality and performance tests for all press components. The assessment is based on contractually agreed tolerances or international standards, for example IFRA SR 3.16.3, 1-2008, 4.11.2 or DIN ISO 12647-3. For additional aggregates such as card gluers, stitching machines, dryers and ink / density control systems, we assess and examine the manufacturer's performance specifications and production conditions.

Gutachten Druckerei Maschinen Technologie
Project example "Tracking down errors"

The customer's objective

Since a large rotary press was commissioned, a newspaper printing plant has had problems which are sporadically manifested in the form of marks in the printed image (picture right). The marks occur more or less frequently with all printing units and inks, and lead to justified complaints by the customers of the printing plant as well as additional waste for the operator of the printing press. The problem was left aside

Druckmaschine Fehler finden
Bewertungen Maschinen Technologie Druckerei

during the acceptance of the press, and for years the manufacturer was not in a position to solve it. After the management of the printing plant could no longer expect the problem to be solved by the manufacturer, and legal claims threatened to lapse, our experts were entrusted with the analysis of the problem.


The road to the objective

Comprehensive investigations by our specialists showed that the surface tension of the chrome rollers used were responsible for the technical difficulties. This means that it is the responsibility of the printing press manufacturer, or the subcontractor who chrome-plated the rollers, to eliminate the problem and to compensate for the damage suffered - and not the ink or fountain solution manufacturer or the operator of the printing press himself.


The benefit for the customer

Our customer was now in a position to prove beyond doubt where the fault was, to claim compensation for the damage suffered and to avoid claims from his customers in future.

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