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We make newspaper production more efficient. Ideal organisational structures and processes, constant high quality and optimum technology are the decisive factors. Our specialist Moritz Schwarz will be pleased to support you concerning all topics related to your newspaper production – for cost-effective, future-proof production.

About us


Kirchner + Robrecht is the management consultancy for publishers. Our Senior Consultant Moritz Schwarz is an acknowledged expert in the field of newspaper production, and for many years has been advising printing plants on how to continuously raise efficiency in newspaper production. He is one of the most sought-after consultants in this segment internationally.



Kirchner + Robrecht GmbH

Moritz Schwarz

Burgstrasse 3

63755 Alzenau (Germany)


Telephone: +49. 60. 23. 943 53 - 15

Office Rhine/Main: +49. 60. 23. 943 53 - 0

Mobile: +49. 172. 935 67 82



Latest quality certifications executed on behalf of WAN-IFRA

Also, in year 2020 we have carried out WAN-IFRA ISO quality audits and certifications at several print plants. In Germany two companies were successful: J. D. Küster Nachf. + Presse Druck GmbH & Co. KG (2018), Aschendorff Druckzentrum GmbH & Co. KG (2018, 2020)

Spare Parts for SALE | New and used electric/electronic spare parts from GOSS Universal 50

We have conducted an electrical/electronical retrofit project. Now there are many new and some good used spare parts available from this press installed in year 2000. Please download and check our customers spares inventory list. Please contact us if you are interested in some parts.

Flashlight Report (excerpt) | Digital Newspaper Printing

Our report gives a basic understanding of today’s and future key success factors when applying digital print in the newspaper sector. The whole Flashlight-Report in German language can be received by e-mail from us.

Presentation at World Publihsing Expo 2017 | Introduction to Standardised Quality

This presentation shows how you become a member of the International Color Quality Club?

Presentation| K+R Consulting Portfolio Newspaper Production 

We have summarized our consulting portfolio in the area of newspaper production. If you have questions, we would be pleased to answer you.

Presentation at World Publishing Expo 2016 | Retrofit Support Services

We offer experts services to find out if an electronic retrofit for instance on a used press makes sense. If a retrofit is worth doing we plan it and help to implement it while maintaining daily production.

Presentation | Standardised print quality: The road to QUIZ certification

"Standardised print quality and QUIZ certification" are important topics for the industry, topics which we discussed at the forum of the "Qualitätsinitiative Zeitungsdruck" (Quality Initiative Newspaper Printing) in June 2015. You can download our presentation here, free of charge.

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